Hi Guys,

Do you know that a lot of the apps on your phone are able to track exactly where you are at any given time? If you want to see what apps are able to track you do the following:

Android 10

To access the location settings of your applications go to

  • Settings
  • Location
  • App permissions

There will be a list of apps categorised into 3 sections:

  • Allowed All The Time
  • Allowed Only While In Use
  • Denied

To change the location permission, tap on an application. If the setting is set to Allow all the time, the app will persistently track your location whether it’s open or not. If the setting is set to Allow only while using the app, location services will only be active when the app is open. If you want to completely turn off location services, select Deny.

Android 9 and Below

To Access location sharing go to

  • Settings
  • General
  • Lock screen & security
  • Location
  • App-level permissions.

Please let us know if you need any help with this.

Thanks and talk soon

Max Roberts,
Privacy Care Team.