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Google is revolutionizing emergency communication by integrating Rich Communication Services (RCS) into Google Messages, improving how users contact 911. With RCS, users can now send texts to 911 that include delivery confirmations, high-resolution images and videos, and precise location sharing through Android Emergency Location Service. This advancement aims to enhance the effectiveness and reliability of emergency responses, particularly in regions without text-to-911 support.

Accessing the Feature: Users need to ensure their devices support RCS and use Google Messages as their default messaging app. The feature will be rolled out gradually, starting in areas lacking current text-to-911 capabilities. Google is partnering with RapidSOS to implement this service effectively.

How to Check Your Device: To check if your device supports RCS and is ready for this feature:

  1. Update Google Messages: Ensure you have the latest version of the Google Messages app.
  2. Enable Chat Features: Open Google Messages, go to Settings, and enable Chat Features if available.
  3. Verify Compatibility: Check with your mobile carrier to ensure RCS is supported on their network.

Instructions for Sending an RCS Emergency Message on Google Messages:

  1. Open Google Messages: Ensure Google Messages is your default messaging app.
  2. Start a New Message: Tap the “Start chat” button to begin a new message.
  3. Enter 911 as the Recipient: In the “To” field, type 911.
  4. Compose Your Message: Write your emergency message, including any critical information.
  5. Send High-Resolution Images or Videos (Optional): Attach any relevant media by tapping the attachment icon.
  6. Share Your Location (Optional): Tap the location icon to share your precise location.
  7. Send the Message: Tap the send button to deliver your message to 911.

Ensure your RCS chat features are enabled and your device supports RCS through your carrier.

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