Hi guys,

Google has just announced that they are going to be sending out weekly security updates to the Google Chrome Internet browser. If you are a reader of my tips, you will know that Google Chrome is one of the most attacked web browsers in the world with 0D exploits being discovered on a monthly basis. It appears that hackers prefer to break into Google Chrome than any other browser so staying up-to-date is critical. The team are Google is usually very good at fixing the issues as they were discovered and I’m delighted that they have now decided to send out weekly security updates.

Here’s how to make sure Google Chrome is set to update automatically:

  • Open Google Chrome: Double-click the Chrome icon to open the browser.
  • Click on the Three-Dot Menu: In the top right corner of the Chrome window, you’ll see three vertical dots. Click on them to open a dropdown menu.
  • Go to “Help”: Hover over “Help” in the dropdown menu, which will then reveal another menu to the side.
  • Click on “About Google Chrome”: In the new side menu, click on “About Google Chrome.” This will open a new tab that will automatically check for updates.
  • Automatic Update Check: If an update is found, Chrome will start downloading it automatically. If Chrome is already up to date, you’ll see a message confirming that.
  • Relaunch if Needed: If Chrome downloads an update, you’ll see a “Relaunch” button. Click this to close and reopen Chrome, which applies the update.

Google Chrome is designed to update automatically by default, so unless you’ve changed any specific settings, it should always keep itself up to date. You can verify that you have the latest version by following the above steps. If you’re using Chrome in a managed environment, such as at a workplace, updates might be controlled by an administrator, and you may not be able to update the browser yourself.

Let me know if you need any assistance with this or with anything else. Our privacy care team are available to you 24 hours a day seven days a week so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any problems or if you need any advice.

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Max Roberts