Hi Guys,

Here is a message that one of our users received from their bank about banking security and they asked that we share with you all. They offer some really good advice that would be worth looking at.

We would like to remind you not to disclose your banking credentials to anyone or save them in your personal devices. This is to prevent any compromise of your banking credentials, unauthorized access of your account, misuse of your account information and any social engineering attacks such as account takeovers or phishing.

Please be advised that you will be liable for unauthorized transactions on your account if you have voluntarily disclosed or failed to protect your banking credentials.

Email/SMS/Online phishing is one of the largest threats to digital banking. Fraudsters will attempt to obtain your login User ID and password to make fund transfers from your bank accounts, or use your card details and One-Time-PIN (OTP) to charge online purchases to your card. Please be vigilant to protect yourself from such phishing attacks.

To protect yourself, always exercise the following precautions:

  • Do not disclose your banking credentials (including User ID, Password and OTP) to anyone, including third party websites or mobile applications. The bank will never ask you for your banking credentials.
  • Do not save your banking credentials in your personal or work devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, etc).
  • Do not install applications allowing remote access to your devices, as these may allow third parties to take control of your devices or access your accounts online.
  • Avoid using any bank account aggregators to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts or card details.
  • Always pay attention to authentication prompts and Bank Alerts to ensure you are authorizing the correct transaction or activity.
  • Always be alert regarding the URL of a website. The website may be set up by fraudsters to phish for your banking credentials. If you have the URL of the website you are visiting, type in the URL directly into the address bar of your browser and do not enter any clickable links.
  • Reset your online banking credentials immediately and contact the bank if your banking credentials have been disclosed to anyone.

Let me know if you need anything at all.

Max Roberts
Incognito Privacy Care