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Recently, the FBI issued an advisory warning the public about an increase in tech support scams, primarily targeting the elderly. These scams involve instructing victims to send cash hidden within magazine pages through shipping companies.

The Scheme

Tech support scams typically start with fraudsters reaching out to older adults through a phone call, text, email, or pop-up message pretending to be customer support from a genuine company. They may claim fraudulent activity on your account or mention a possible refund due to a subscription service.

In follow-up emails, pop-ups, or texts, you will see a phone number to call for help. Once you call, the fraudster claims to have a refund for you that can only be sent by connecting to your computer and depositing it directly into your bank account.

These scammers convince victims to download a software program that grants them remote access to their computers. Once connected, the victim is persuaded to log into their bank account. The fraudster then transfers money to the victim’s bank account but “mistakenly” deposits a larger sum. They highlight this “error” and ask you to return the excess cash or they will lose their job.

The scammers then instruct victims to mail the money, hidden in a magazine or similar, through a shipping company to an address they provide. Recently, scammers have been instructing victims to ship packages with cash to retail stores and pharmacies that can receive such parcels.

How to Stay Safe

  1. Never download software at the request of someone unknown who contacted you.
  2. Don’t allow any unknown individual remote access to your computer.
  3. Avoid clicking on unsolicited pop-ups, text links, or email links/attachments. Don’t call numbers provided in such communications.
  4. Never send cash via mail or shipping companies.

As always, let us know if you need any help.

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