Hi Guys,

I am delighted to announce that all our webinars will now be free to all of our Annual Members. You now have access to a knowledge base for all things cyber security and privacy.

New Live Webinars:
Our live webinars are with me, Max Roberts, and I will cover a range of different topics about how to better protect your privacy from ‘Cyber Security Essentials’, to ‘How to know if you have been hacked and everything in between.

Q&A with Max:
After the webinar I will host a Q&A, a full questions and answers session with those attending the webinar. You can ask me any question about the webinar itself and how you can use the information you learned to help you protect your privacy.

New Webinar:
The next webinar is ‘Cyber Security Essentials’ and will run at 6pm GMT+2 this coming Thursday the 10th of September. To secure your place, just enter your email address into the webinar registration within Incognito the app.

Webinar Catalogue:
Further to that, each webinar will be recorded so we can make them available to you in the webinar catalogue. You can go back and watch them again, reference them for information or advice so you don’t miss out on the webinars you can’t attend.

Webinar Voting:
Also, we are opening the webinars to your VOTES. In order to prioritize the areas our community want more information and help with, you can vote for the webinar you would like to see next. And if you don’t see the webinar you want, let us know. Email us with your ideas and suggestions for the next webinars and we will add them to our list.

I really hope you guys like the new addition to Incognito. The whole team thinks this will be a great addition to help you understand cyber security, learn what you would like to or need to and have access to lots of information at your fingertips.

And don’t forget, to ensure you have updated your device to the latest version of Incognito to avail of this new feature.

Best regards,

Max Roberts
Incognito Privacy Care Team