Hi Guys,

Google Chrome is an excellent internet browser in that it has a great ecosystem of extensions that you can use. It is also quite secure (as long as you keep out updated and as long as you are careful about what you click on etc.), but did you know that you can make it even more secure by running a built-in Google safety check?

How can you access the safety check?

  • Type this into your address bar and hit enter: chrome://settings/safetyCheck


  • Go to Google Chrome Settings and click on ‘Safety Check.’

When you go into the Safety Check, you can do the following five things.

  • Check for Google Chrome updates.
  • Check if any of your stored passwords have been compromised.
  • Check if Safe Browsing is enabled and gives you a link to tweak these settings.
  • Check for harmful extensions.
  • If you want extra protection, you can enable Enhanced protection

Carrying out a Safety check is quick and easy and provides an extra layer of protection.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments or if you need any help with anything.

All the best,

Max Roberts
Incognito Privacy Care Team