Hi guys,

A new Android malware, dubbed ‘Chameleon,’ has emerged, showcasing a cunning ability to bypass biometric security measures on smartphones. Here’s a simple breakdown of how it works and tips to keep you safe.

Chameleon targets Android devices, specifically those running Android 13 and later. It cleverly tricks users into disabling their fingerprint or face unlock features, compelling them to use PINs instead. Once the PIN is entered, Chameleon captures it, gaining unauthorized access to your device and potentially your sensitive information.

How It Spreads:
This malware spreads through a method known as ‘Zombinder,’ where it latches onto legitimate applications. Users unknowingly download these infected apps, primarily from unofficial sources, and end up compromising their device security.

Simple Tips for Safety:

* Stick to Official Sources: Always download apps from trusted platforms like the Google Play Store. Avoid third-party app stores or direct APK downloads from websites.
* Enable Play Protect: This built-in Android feature scans your device regularly for malicious activities. Make sure it’s always turned on.
* Be Wary of Accessibility Services Requests: If an app asks for accessibility services access, especially through an HTML page, be cautious. It could be a trap set by Chameleon.
* Keep Your Device Updated: Regularly update your Android OS. Updates often include security patches that can protect against such malware.

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