Hi guys,

I want to offer you a piece of advice that I gave to our readers about 18 months ago. Rebooting your phone can mitigate attacks against your Android or iPhone operating systems.

When you reboot your phone, it’s a bit like giving your device a fresh start. Imagine your phone as a busy office where lots of work (like apps and processes) happens every day. Over time, this office can get cluttered, making it hard to spot if something unusual or bad, like a cyber attack, is happening. By rebooting, you’re essentially clearing the office, stopping all the work for a moment. This helps in getting rid of any minor issues or glitches that might have crept in during the day.

Now, regarding protection against cyber attacks, think of some cyber threats as sneaky spies that sneak into the office and hide, doing harmful things quietly. These spies can be like malicious software that gets accidentally downloaded or started on your phone. When you reboot, it’s like turning the lights on and off in the office. This action can disrupt these spies’ activities, as many of them need to be continuously active to do damage. Rebooting won’t stop all types of cyber attacks, but it’s a simple and effective way to disrupt many common ones, giving your phone a better chance to operate safely.

So, in conclusion, I recommend that you reboot your phone at least once a day. Not only will it speed your phone up in terms of clearing up any processes that you do not need to be running it will also vastly reduce the chances of you being a victim of a cyber attack.

Let me know if you need any help.

All the very best,
Max Roberts.