Hello everyone,

We’ve just been informed about an ongoing malware distribution campaign that cleverly masquerades as the popular CapCut video editing tool to distribute highly malicious software.

For those unfamiliar, CapCut is the go-to video editor for TikTok, offering users a plethora of effects and music options to enhance their video creations. With nearly half a billion downloads on Google Play alone, CapCut’s popularity is immense.

However, the application is currently banned in countries like Taiwan and India. Users in these countries may resort to alternative sources to download the app, which is precisely what cybercriminals count on. They’ve established the following fake websites to distribute a compromised version of CapCut:

  • capcut-freedownload[.]com
  • capcutfreedownload[.]com
  • capcut-editor-video[.]com
  • capcutdownload[.]com
  • capcutpc-download[.]com

Downloading CapCut from these fraudulent websites puts your device at risk. The malware housed in these downloads has extensive capabilities, from stealing passwords to accessing bank accounts and extracting all data on your device.

Only download CapCut from its official websites or legitimate app stores like Google Play or Apple Store to stay safe. Avoid other sources as they could lead to harmful malware downloads.

Our team is always ready to help, so please reach out if you need assistance. Please share this information with all TikTok users you know. For a broader perspective on the potential risks associated with TikTok, refer to my previous tip regarding its potential as a Chinese government espionage tool. I advise caution and removing TikTok and its associated applications from your device.

Stay safe,
Max 🙂