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It’s important to know that numerous apps are masquerading as GPT-based chat applications on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. These apps tend to charge outrageously high subscription rates, sometimes as steep as $100 per week, exploiting user ignorance around AI tools’ true costs. Below are some bullet-point tips to help you avoid being fleeced by these sham apps:

  1. Understand AI Tool Pricing: Most AI tools are available free of charge, while some, like Chat GPT, charge a small monthly fee. Be wary of apps demanding exorbitant fees.
  2. Research the App: Investigate an app before installing it. Look at the app’s reviews, developer history, and overall user feedback.
  3. Check the Subscription Fee: Always read the fine print regarding subscription fees. If an app charges high rates, especially weekly, it may be a rip-off.
  4. Be Wary of Instant Payment Requests: If an app immediately asks for payment information upon opening, promising a free trial only after giving card details, exercise caution.
  5. Don’t Trust All AI Apps: Avoid installing apps that claim to provide artificial intelligence, especially if they require payment for access.
  6. Report Suspicious Apps: If you encounter a potential scam app, report it promptly on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Remember, if you feel confused or concerned about any apps, please don’t hesitate to contact our privacy care team for advice. Staying informed and being cautious can help you avoid falling into expensive traps.

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