Hi Guys,

A hacking group known for its cyber attacks in the Middle East has have recently been found impersonating legitimate messaging apps such as Telegram and Threema to infect Android devices with a new and undocumented malware.

What can the attackers do if they infect your device?
Once you have install an app from the ‘DigitalApps’ App Store the remote attackers will pretty much have control of your device and will be able to do the following:

  • Read Your notifications
  • Record your screen
  • Record audio
  • Uninstall any app installed on the device
  • Make a call while creating a black screen overlay to mask the call.

How can you get infected?
You can infect yourself if you download any apps from an App Store called ‘DigitalApps’. From what I can see all the apps available for download on this store are loaded with the same malware. Be really careful here. I infected one of my test phones really easily so proceed with caution.

How do I protect myself?
Never download an app from ‘DigitalApps’ App Store.

Only download apps from the official Google Play Store or the Apple Store. The hackers behind this new type of malware rely on peoples ignorance when it comes to downloading apps.

Please let me know if you need any help in relation to this or anything else and please let your family and friends know.

All the best,
Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care.