Hi guys,

I’ve written extensively (here, here) about the rise of artificial intelligence and its ability to deceive individuals and even governments. Recently, ex-British Prime Minister David Cameron was tricked into a video conference with a deepfake of the former president of Ukraine. The attackers used social media to convince Cameron he was messaging the real president, leading to a convincing but fraudulent video call.

This incident highlights the alarming capabilities of AI-generated videos and voice clones. Even high-level officials can be fooled, indicating that anyone is susceptible. The implications are significant—phone calls and video calls may no longer be reliable forms of communication.

In light of the growing threats from deepfakes and voice cloning, it’s crucial to stay vigilant. Never share passwords or transfer funds based on a call or video without thorough verification. Establish unique code words with loved ones to confirm their identity during urgent calls. Face-to-face conversations remain the most secure form of communication. The rapid advancement of deepfake technology calls for increased caution. Trusting what you see and hear is no longer enough—verify, re-verify, and be skeptical.

This technology is advancing at an alarming pace. Just last year, deepfakes were emerging as a credible threat, and now they can deceive even a country’s prime minister. Always check things twice—no, three times. Be aware, be alert, and don’t solely trust what your eyes see and your ears hear. Perhaps this is a call to return to more local, face-to-face interactions.

Also, look at what the CEO of Zoom has said regarding sending your digital twin to attend the meeting on your behalf. This is getting crazy! You can be at the beach, while your digital twin attends the meeting on your behalf. They even say that your digital twin will be able to interact with the meeting on your behalf. This is a recipe for disaster! Imagine this in 10 years from now. We will be nothing more than a battery source just like in the Matrix! We have to push back, people 🙂

Stay safe and alert!

All the best,