Hi Guys,

Hackers are currently running a Pokémon NFT card game website to distribute hacking tools to take control of victims’ devices. The fake website, which looks legitimate, is loaded with malware and, at the moment, mainly targets Microsoft Windows users.

How do you get infected?
If you visit the fake website and click on the ‘Play on PC’ button, malware is downloaded to your computer, giving hackers full access to your system and all the data.

How do you stay safe?

  • Avoid this website – pokemon-go[.]io
  • Use the Incognito website checker to check if the website is safe before visiting it. We are tracking most websites in the world, and we know if they’re safer or not. Please use this invaluable resource to keep you safe.

Please share this tip with anybody with kids, as the Pokémon Phenomenon is sweeping the world again, and this website will trick many people.

Let me know if you need any help with anything else.
All the best,
Max Roberts,