Hi Guys,

Security researchers from Kaspersky have discovered an extremely dangerous piece of spyware masquerading as a free virtual private networking app available for download on the Google Play store. The spyware itself is rumored to be the creation of the SideWinder hacking group (a.k.a. RattleSnake, Razor Tiger, T-APT-04, APT-C-17, Hardcore Nationalist). If you have installed this app by mistake, remote attackers will be able to access all the data of WeChat, Outlook, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Gmail, and Chrome on your device, as well as the following:

* Location information

* Battery status information

* Files on device information

* Installed app list information

* Device information

* Sensor information

* Camera information

* Take Screenshot

* View account information

* Wifi information

The name of the fake VPN is Secure VPN, and the name of the developer is Ross Jack.

Note: If you have installed this app, you need to do a full system reset. There is no other way to be entirely sure that it is gone. If you need any help with a system reset, you can ask us, and we can help you. Just send us your phone name and model and the version of Android that you are running.  

Checklist for Downloading Apps:

* Check how long the developer has been distributing in the app store? More than six months as a minimum baseline, as Google will have spotted them by then.

* Check how many installs do they have? The more, the better, in the millions is best.

* Look at the reviews and see how many they have? The more, the better, but note that fake apps can have hundreds of fake reviews in some cases.

* What is their average rating? The higher, the better, but at least a 4-star.

* Do an Internet search to see if anything negative comes up.

* Choose reputable, well-known, and verified vendors

* Check independent test institutes for recommendations.

Please let us know if you need help with this or anything else.

All the best,

Max Roberts,

Incognito Privavcy Care Team.