Hi Guys,

Researchers at Trend Micro have exposed six banking apps that promise to give users access to fast financial loans. Instead, they plant spyware on their victim’s phones, allowing remote attackers to access phone contacts, text messages, photos, video, audio recordings, location data, and other private information. Please check to see if you have any of these six apps installed and if you do, remove them immediately and contact us for more assistance. You will need to do a full factory reset. We can help you through this process. Here is the list:

  • LoanSathi – Personal loan App
  • Raise Cash – Instant Loan
  • Rich Cash – Mobile Rupee
  • Secure loans apps- Wallet Payee
  • INDLoan
  • ListoFectivo – Préstamo Rápido

Checklist for Downloading Apps:

  • Check how long the developer has been distributing in the app store? More than six months as a minimum baseline, as Google will have spotted them by then.
  • Check how many installs do they have? The more, the better, in the millions is best.
  • Look at the reviews and see how many they have? The more, the better, but note that fake apps can have hundreds of fake reviews in some cases.
  • What is their average rating? The higher, the better, but at least a 4-star.
  • Do an Internet search to see if anything negative comes up.
  • Choose reputable, well-known, and verified vendors
  • Check independent test institutes for recommendations.

Please pass this message on to your family, friends, and colleagues. And as always, let me know if you need any help with anything.

All the best,

Max Roberts,
Incognito Privavy Care Team.