Hi Guys,

Researchers from Check Point have discovered a new form of malware capable of controlling social media accounts distributed through Microsoft’s official app store in the form of weaponized gaming apps. So far, this malware has infected more than 5,000 Windows machines in Sweden, Bulgaria, Russia, Bermuda, and Spain and is now spreading rapidly around the world. Please be extra careful.

Here is how the infection works:

  • You download an infected game from the Microsoft official app store
  • When you install the game, an extra piece of malware is installed via Javascript
  • This malware will then attempt to hijack your social media accounts
  • In addition, the remote hackers now in charge of your computer can do other nasty things suck as taking complete control of your device, stealing your data, including banking credentials, etc.

How to stay safe:

We are aware of 6 games developers who have games currently loaded with malware. Please do not download any games from these developers from the Microsoft store. If you have already installed them, please delete them immediately and contact our support team for more instruction. Here are the six developer names:

  • Lupy games
  • Crazy 4 games
  • Jeuxjeuxkeux games
  • Akshi games
  • Goo Games
  • Bizzon Case

I will let you know when we have more information, but please share this tip with anyone you think might be affected in the meantime.

Thanks and all the best,

Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care Team.