Hi guys,

I hope you are well.

Google has removed 8 apps from the Google Play store, hiding malicious malware that can steal banking details and bypass two-factor authentication.

Please check your device and if you have any of them installed please remove them immediately:

  • Cake VPN (com.lazycoder.cakevpns)
  • Pacific VPN (com.protectvpn.freeapp)
  • eVPN (com.abcd.evpnfree)
  • BeatPlayer (com.crrl.beatplayers)
  • QR/Barcode Scanner MAX (com.bezrukd.qrcodebarcode)
  • Music Player (com.revosleap.samplemusicplayers)
  • tooltipnatorlibrary (com.mistergrizzlys.docscanpro)
  • QRecorder (com.record.callvoicerecorder)

If you do have any of them installed please let me know and also check your bank account for any suspicious activity.


Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care