Hi Guys,

The following twenty-one apps have been confirmed to contain ‘Dark Herring’ malware. This malware hides inside legitimate-looking apps, and once installed, they secretly sign the victim up for premium rate subscriptions and services. In total, these fraudulent apps were installed by 105 million users in 70 countries, subscribing them to premium services that charged approximately $15 per month.

Please check your device, and if you have any of these apps installed, please remove them immediately:

  • Smashex
  • Upgradem
  • Stream HD
  • Vidly Vibe
  • Cast It
  • My Translator Pro
  • New Mobile Games
  • StreamCast Pro
  • Ultra Stream
  • Photograph Labs Pro
  • VideoProj Lab
  • Drive Simulator
  • Speedy Cars – Final Lap
  • Football Legends
  • Football HERO 2021
  • Grand Mafia Auto
  • Offroad Jeep Simulator
  • Smashex Pro
  • Racing City
  • Connectool
  • City Bus Simulator 2

Please let me know if you need any help with this or anything else.

Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care Team.