Hi Guys,

As reported by Kaspersky in a recent blog post, Redline malware, an account password stealer, is back, and this time it is spreading across Youtube under the guise of downloadable cheats for popular games. Here is everything you need to know and also, how to stay safe:

First, what is Redline Malware?

RedLine Stealer is malware available on underground forums for sale as the standalone version costs $100-$150 depending on the version or on a subscription basis ($100/month). Yes, you can buy malware! Once a device is infected, it allows the operator to extract the following information:

  • Account passwords;
  • Credit Card details;
  • Web browser cookies that allow them to log into other accounts
  • Crypto wallet keys;
  • Messenger chat history.

How does the Youtube attack work?

  • Redline is being bundled into fake downloadable cheats for many popular games that are played by billions of people around the world every day
  • These downloadable cheats are being advertised in the comment sections of popular youtube channels dedicated to gamers. Also, once a target is infected, the operators can take over the person’s youtube channel and inserts the infection download into their youtube description. It is pretty clever.
  • Once the victim takes the bait and downloads the fake cheat, they infect their device, and the operator can extract your passwords, etc. in the blink of an eye
  • Redline then starts propagating via the victim’s youtube and other social media channels.

How do you stay safe?

  • Do not download cheats or anything else unless you are 100% sure it is safe.
  • Use the Incognito website checker to ensure the link is safe before clicking it. We will let you know if it is secure. You can find this feature in the app.
  • If I were you, I would avoid cheats altogether. Most of the time, cheats are not worth the risk as you have no idea what you are getting when you download. You are relying on a person who makes cheats not to cheat you!

Have a great day ahead.

All the best,

Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care Team