Hi Guys,

We have just been made aware of a new SMS-based Malware campaign attempting to infect people’s mobile devices by promising details about Covid 19. If you are unlucky enough to have clicked on the link in one of these scam messages, you will install a piece of Malware called Trickbot, and this Malware will allow a remote attacker to take over your device. They will also steal your banking passwords if you log in to your bank from your phone.

How Does it Work

* You will receive one of these SMS messages to your device:

Message 1
New regulations about COVID-19 in your region. Read here: https://covid19-***/

Message 2
You have received the appointment for the 3rd dose. For more information visit https://vaccine-appointment.***/

Note: I have removed the full web address so that you do not accidentally infect your phone by clicking the link in this tip 🙂

* If you click on the link, you will be told that the Adobe Flash Player is outdated on your device and needs to be updated.
* If you take the bait, you will install this Malware.

How can you protect yourself?

* If you receive a message like this, please delete it immediately and never click on the link.
* Only click on links if you are 100% sure that they come from a trusted source.
* Always use our website checker before you visit any websites. We can tell you instantly if the site is safe or not.

Let me know if you need any help with this or with anything else.

All the best,

Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care Team