Hi Guys,

Thank you for all of the heartfelt messages that came in yesterday and today after I told you about Jessica’s passing. We were all speechless from the messages of love and support from our community worldwide. Thank you very much. 

Ok, back to business. Zimperium’s zLabs mobile threat research team recently found a new Android trojan that has compromised over 11,500 Facebook accounts worldwide since April 2021 via fraudulent apps distributed through Google Play Store. 

Once a user signs in to their Facebook account, it automatically steals the victim’s Facebook ID, location, email address, IP address, and the cookies and tokens associated with the Facebook account. Then it spreads by sending personal messages with infected links. 

Please check your phone to see if you have the following offending apps installed, and if you do, please remove them straight away and also reset your Facebook password as a matter of urgency:

  • GG Voucher 
  • Vote European Football
  • GG Coupon Ads
  • GG Voucher Ads 
  • GG Voucher 
  • Chatfuel
  • Net Coupon 
  • EURO 2021 Official 

Let me know if you need any help with this or with anything else

All the best,