Hi Guys,

I hope you are doing well. All is good here 🙂

Security researchers at ThreatFabric have confirmed that the following seven apps contain a new strain of banking malware named ‘Octo.’ Please check your device to see if you have any of these apps installed. If you do, please delete them and contact us without delay.

  • Pocket Screencaster (com.moh.screen)
  • Fast Cleaner 2021 (vizeeva.fast.cleaner)
  • Play Store (com.restthe71)
  • Postbank Security (com.carbuildz)
  • Pocket Screencaster (com.cutthousandjs)
  • BAWAG PSK Security (com.frontwonder2), and
  • Play Store app install (com.theseeye5)

While Octo can do all of the following, it is primarily designed to give a remote attacker access to your bank account.

  • Full remote access to your device (screen taps, gestures, text writing, clipboard modification, data pasting, and scrolling up and down.)
  • Full key logger that can capture everything you type on your device, including passwords.
  • Hide notifications so you cannot see what is happening
  • Make your device look it is switched off while it performs unauthorized actions out of sight

Please let us know if you need any help with this. Also, please share with your colleagues, family, and friends.

All the very best,

Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care Team.