Hi Guys,

It has just been discovered that TCL smart TV’s running Android have huge security holes which allows anyone with pretty much no technical skills to spy on them.

The security hole was discovered by a security researcher calling himself ‘Sick Codes’ who successfully demonstrated how easy it is to connect to any vulnerable smart TV anywhere in the world.

Once connected an attacker can remotely modify the contents of the TV which in some cases would allow them to activate remote controls over the tv such as turning on the web cam etc.

Also keep in mind that for many people their TV and their personal computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi. If a hacker can get onto your TV they can easily jump around other devices on your network. It is quite scary.

What can you do if you have a TCL smart TV?

  • If you are running Roku software you will be ok as these versions do not seem to be affected
  • If you TCL smart TV is not a Roku model I strongly advise that you contact the place where you bought your TV to either demand an upgrade or a replacement that is running Roku.
  • Change your WiFi Password and make sure you pick a really strong one.
  • Go into your router’s administrative menu to disable access to devices inside your network from the internet. This will add a huge layer of security.

In every case and regardless of what smart TV you have I recommend that you cover up the mic and webcam when not in use and also that you go and check the security settings available to you on the menu.

Let me know if you need any help.


Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care