Hi Guys, Do you ever use PDF documents? Do you use password protection or encryption on them? You may receive your pay check as a password protected PDF file for example. Researchers in Germany have invented a new hack that can allow someone to break the encryption of PDF files and access their content — or even forge signed PDF files under certain circumstances. A team from Ruhr University Bochum, FH Münster University of Applied Sciences and Hackmanit GmbH developed the attack, called PDFex, that can allow an attacker to view the content of a PDF file without the public key or password encrypting it. At the moment there is no solution or fix for this hack but we will keep you posted on developments. For the time being do not place any trust in the security of PDF documents. Even if it is protected by a password you have to assume that anyone can read it. Please tell anyone you know who uses PDF documents about this. Thanks and let me know of if you need anything at all. Max Roberts, Incognito Privacy Care