Hi Guys,

If you are using the Google Authenticator app to handle your 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) I recommend that you get the latest update as it has some great new features that make it extra secure and easier to use.

Google announced in a recent blog post:

“Today is World Password Day, and we found it fitting to release an update that’ll make it even easier for users to manage Google Authenticator 2-Step Verification (2SV) codes across multiple devices. We are introducing one of the most anticipated features – allowing users to transfer their 2SV secrets, the data used to generate 2SV codes across devices that have Google Authenticator installed. For instance, when upgrading from an old phone to a new phone. This feature has started rolling out and is available in the latest version (5.10) of Google Authenticator on Android,”

If you need any help with this please let me know.


Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care,