Hi All,
I hope this message finds you well. Today, I wanted to bring to your attention a pressing concern regarding the presence of counterfeit applications on popular platforms.

It has come to our notice that fake versions of popular apps such as Signal and Telegram are available on the Play Store and even on the Samsung store. These deceptive apps, named “Signal Plus Messenger” and “FlyGram,” are not just innocuous imitations. They are embedded with an espionage tool, known as BadBazaar, associated with a hacking group with ties to China, known as GREF. This malware has previously targeted specific ethnic groups and its inclusion within these fake apps suggests a larger, nefarious agenda.

These fraudulent apps, built on open-source code, have sinister capabilities. For instance, if you connected your legitimate Signal number to Signal Plus, the app could potentially access and relay a myriad of private data, including contact lists, device details, location, and even Google account emails, to the attackers.

Always ensure you’re downloading apps from trusted sources. Check for official domain names, verify app developers, and always read reviews and ratings. Remember, your security and privacy are paramount.

Should you have any concerns, or questions, or require urgent advice, our Privacy Care team is available around the clock to assist. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Stay Safe,
Max Roberts