Hi Guys,

Please check if you have these apps installed on your device, and if you do, please delete them immediately. These apps contain malware called ‘Harly.’ Harley, like the Joker malware I have written about a few times before, its primary goal is to steal SMS messages, contact lists, and device information and sign you up for premium rate subscriptions and services.

Please check your phone and delete these apps:

  • Pony Camera – 500,000+ downloads
  • Live Wallpaper&Themes Launcher – 100,000+ downloads
  • Action Launcher & Wallpapers – 100,000+ downloads
  • Color Call – 100,000+ downloads
  • Good Launcher – 100,000+ downloads
  • Mondy Widgets – 100,000+ downloads
  • Funcalls-Voice Changer – 100,000+ downloads
  • Eva Launcher – 100,000+ downloads
  • Newlook Launcher – 100,000+ downloads
  • Pixel Screen Wallpaper – 100,000+ downloads

Please let me know if you need help with this or anything else.

Sending you all the best,

Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care Team.