Hi Guys,
The following 9 apps are scamming millions of users out of hundreds of dollars at a time. They are taking advantage of a loop hole in how Google Play works so technically they are not breaking the rules and if you are caught with this scam it will be very difficult to get your money back.
This is how the scam works;
1. You install a free app. 2. You are offered a free trial of the app and you take it. 3. When the trial ends you are automatically charged up to 250 dollars to continue using it. 4. Most people do not check what the cost will be after the free trial ends
Here are the app names. Between all of them they have over 20,000,000 users. Please check if you have them and if so I strongly advise you to remove them as when the free trial ends if will cost you a lot of money.
qr.code.barcode.maker.scanner.reader faceapp.facemystery.learnmoreaboutyourself com.recorder.video.magic.capture.gameplay com.ally.video.recorder com.pey.old.me.face.aging com.gifmaker.giffree.gifeditor com.hidephotovideo.calculatorphotovault com.compasspro.gpscoordinates com.searchbyimage.reverseimagesearch
Please let me know if you need any more information about the above or help with anything else.
Max Roberts, Incognito Privacy Care.