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Most people do not know this, but when you turn off your wifi, it is not entirely switched off, and while you think it is off, it is still accessible by your phone’s operating system and any apps installed on it. This represents a privacy concern, given that wifi can help track you to your exact position. All is good, though; I will walk you through the steps to completely turn it off.

Android Users

How to turn off wifi in the traditional way (I know you already know this):

  • Open Settings on your Android device.
  • Go to “Network & internet.”
  • Tap the toggle switch beside “Wifi” switch on and off wifi.

Most people think this turns off wifi, but it doesn’t. You need to take a couple of extra steps:

  • Go back into Settings
  • Go to “Security & Location.”
  • Go to “Privacy.”
  • Go to “Location.”
  • Go to “Scanning.”
  • Here, you can turn off both wifi and Bluetooth scanning.

Apple Users
If you are an Apple user, you cannot turn this off. Apple says here on this support page HERE that wifi connections will still be available for a number of system features, including location, even when you have turned it off.

Or make an at-home Faraday cage.
Lastly, if you want to kill all of your phone, Android, and iPhone connections, you can make an at-home faraday cage. By wrapping your phone in layers of plastic and foil, you can kill its ability to communicate with anything in any way. The foil blocks anything from coming in or going out and stops your phone from being tracked.

A portable faraday cage could be helpful if you live in Kazakstan, where for example, attending a peaceful protest could get you arrested or even killed. Have a read HERE.

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Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacvy Care Team