Hi Guys,

Security researchers at Minerva Labs have exposed extremely dangerous malware masquerading as the official Telegram messaging app. If you are unlucky enough to have installed this app, you will have infected your device with a piece of malware called Purple Fox. Once infected, it is tough to detect and allows a remote attacker to download and execute additional payloads on a target system, giving them complete control of your device and your data. If you think you have been infected, please let us know straight away, and we can talk you through the steps to restore your system.

The only way to get infected by this malware is to download an unofficial version of Telegram from outside of the Google Play or Apple App stores. Only download apps from the official Google Play or Apple App Store. NEVER install an app from any other source unless you are 100% user it is safe. If you are unsure, you can always ask us, and we will let you know quickly.

Checklist for Downloading Apps:

  • Check how long the developer has been distributing in the app store? More than six months as a minimum baseline as Google will have spotted them by then.
  • Check how many installs do they have? The more, the better, in the millions is best.
  • Look at the reviews and see how many they have? The more, the better, but note that fake apps can have hundreds of fake reviews in some cases.
  • What is their average rating? The higher, the better, but at least a 4-star.
  • Do an Internet search to see if anything negative comes up.
  • Choose reputable, well-known, and verified vendors
  •  Check independent test institutes for recommendations.

Most of all, stay vigilant. Check up on every app you install on your device. A thoughtless click of a button could have your device, data, and finances compromised in seconds.

Think before you install.

All the best,
Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care Team.