Hi Guys,
Do you use the mobile banking app called Venmo? If the answer is yes there’s a new scam to watch out for. The scammers are sending Venmo users text messages that use the same colours and fonts of the mobile payment service’s app so the message looks very official. I have seen the message myself and it does look convincing on the surface. The message says that their account is about to be charged, but if they want to cancel the withdrawal, they must log in to their accounts, according to a Facebook post from the Massachusetts-based Dighton Police Department. According to the police department, the text allows users to sign in using any phone number and password but asks for personal financial information, including a bank card, to verify the identity of the user. “Do not use the pages provided by the text to enter into your account,” the Dighton Police Department said in its post. “Go to your Venmo app or use the internet site.” Officials also warned that people who already entered their information should let their bank or credit card lender know. Please let me know if you need any more information in relation to this.
Max Roberts, Incognito Privacy Care Team