Hi Guys,
Impersonation scams are on the increase and are everywhere. We get so many emails about this every week. They come in many forms but with the same intention, to trick you into divulging certain information that help them steal your money.
Here’s how they work:
– You will receive a phone call or email. The most common formats.
– A person will claim to be calling from, a government office, a law enforcement agency, your bank or one of your service provider, like phone providers or energy provider etc. Really from any company that could hold your sensitive information.
-They will say that your identity was used for suspicious activity, they need certain personal information immediately to rectify the situation like passport numbers, national identity numbers, bank account details, pin or pass-codes etc.
– Emails can look like they are from the company, using fake email addresses, company logos, even sometimes listing the real company numbers. One of our users recently received a very official looking form asking for sensitive information.
Protect Yourself:
– You must always be on the lookout for suspicious activity and arm yourself with knowledge.
– Understand what it is you need to lookout for, those telltale signs its a scam.
– If in doubt as to the legitimacy of a call/email, contact the company independently through a difference source.Never disclose personal information over the phone or by email.Don’t follow the callers instructions, and hang up.
-If it turns out to be a legitimate contact, the caller will understand.Notify the company that you have received fake call/email, help protect others too.
Warning Signs:
– They are asking for personal sensitive information.
– Legit companies don’t contact you and ask for sensitive personal information, ever.
– They will not sufficiently identify themselves.The caller is evasive, changes the subject or moves the conversation in another direction to avoid verifying their identity.
-Threats. The caller becomes pushy or threatening. Sometimes they even suggest legal action, or involving law enforcement.
Please let me know if you need any more information or help.
All the best,
Max Roberts
Incognito Privacy Care