Hi Guys,

Security researchers have found a collection of publicly accessible databases belonging to several specialised dating apps containing a trove of data from apps including 3somes, Cougary, Gay Daddy Bear, Xpal, BBW Dating, Casualx, SugarD, Herpes Dating, and GHunt.

In all, the researchers found 845 gigabytes of data from hundreds of thousands of users that included:

  • Sexually explicit photos
  • Sexually explicit audio recordings
  • Screenshots of private chats
  • Receipts for payments

Please take the following actions if you have ever used one of these dating apps:

  • Change your password right away and never use the same password twice (see my article on credential stuffing below)
  • Send an email to them and let them know that you are aware of the breach and ask them to provide you with Identity protection and credit Monitoring services.
  • I strongly suggest that you delete your account and remove any sensitive information that you have stored with these apps.

Please let me know if you need any advice in relation to this or with anything else.

Take Care,

Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care.