Hi Guys,

Security researchers at Avast have uncovered a global fraud campaign using 151 malicious Android apps with 10.5 million downloads to trick users into signing up to premium subscription services without their consent and knowledge.

The scam starts when the apps prompt users to under their phone number to gain access to advertised features, but instead of getting the promised features, they are subscribed to premium SMS services that can cost them up to €40 per month.

Please check to see if you have any of these apps installed and if you do; please remove them straight away. This list of apps already has over 10,000,000 users between them, so there is a chance you might have one or two of them on your device.

You can access the list that was put together by Jakub Vávra HERE – https://github.com/avast/ioc/blob/master/UltimaSMS/UltimaSMS_IOC_19-10-2021.pdf

Let me know if you need any help with this or with anything else.

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Max Roberts
Incognito Privacy Care