Hi guys,

Check your phone to see if you have installed any of the following 12 applications. All of these applications are published under false pretences in that while they do what they say they do on the tin, they also contain a variant of the spy joker malware, which subscribes users to premium services without their knowledge.

If you have any of these applications installed, please check to see if you have paid any premium services without your knowledge. We have received many reports from users worldwide of paying hundreds of dollars in premium rate services that they did not subscribe to. Upon examination, we found that most users had installed one or more of these applications. Please remove them immediately, and if you have any questions or need any assistance, let me know.

* Vlog Star Video Editor
* Creative 3D Launcher
* Wow Beauty Camera
* Gif Emoji Keyboard
* Freeglow Camera 1.0.0
* Coco Camera v1.1
* Funny Camera by KellyTech
* Razer Keyboard & Theme by rxcheldiolola
* Smart SMS Messages
* Blood Pressure Monitor
* Voice Languages Translator
* Quick Test SMS

All the best,
Max Roberts