Hi Guys, Please pay close attention to your credit card statements and be on the look out for any suspicious transactions. A database containing roughly 1.3 million credit and debit card numbers was uploaded to the dark web yesterday (28th October). The hackers behind the upload have said that the combined database of cards is worth over $130,000,000 which is the equivalent of $1.00 per record. Anyone can buy these credit card numbers which include the expiry date and code and once they have them they can empty your account in seconds.
Please do the following:
1. Keep an eye on your statements and report any suspicious activity to your bank
2. Write to your bank and tell them about this latest posting of card numbers and ask them for advice on what to do.
3. Tell your family and friends to be vigilant.
I will keep you posted and as always please let me know If you need any more information,
Max Roberts, Incognito Privacy Care.