Dear all,

I want to bring to your attention another concerning incident highlighting the impact of artificial intelligence on our perception of reality. Recently, incredibly realistic AI-generated images depicting an explosion at the Pentagon went viral on Twitter. The authenticity of these images was so convincing that it briefly caused a dip in the international stock market, resulting in the loss of billions of US dollars. It is crucial to note that AI entirely fabricated these images, and there was no explosion at the Pentagon.

This incident is particularly alarming because the images were shared using verified Twitter accounts, indicated by the blue tick, leading many worldwide to believe the event had truly occurred. I recommend reading the following news article for more detailed information.

We now find ourselves in a world where it is becoming increasingly challenging to trust what we see or hear. This occurrence demonstrates the potential havoc that AI-generated content can wreak on important aspects of society, such as the stock market. It reminds us all to remain vigilant, stay informed, and acknowledge that face-to-face interactions still hold an irreplaceable value.

So, all you need to crash the stock market and to spread panic worldwide is the pay a few bucks a month for a verified Twitter account and use a free AI image generator 🙂

Stay informed and aware.

Best regards, Max