Hi guys,

Please be on the lookout for an SMS message from fraudsters claiming to be your bank asking you to log in to confirm a suspicious transaction. We have received dozens of reports from our users about these fake messages. I also received a message on my phone from a scammer claiming to be my bank and asking me to confirm my PIN. If you receive any messages from anyone (no matter how legitimate they look), please ignore them. These messages are designed to trick you into handing over your passwords and PIN. One of our users had their bank account emptied within minutes of being duped. Please be extra careful.

If you receive any messages from any provider asking you to click a link to log in, please do not follow the instructions. It is always better and safer to go to the service provider’s official website and log in from there.

Let me know if you need any help with this, and also, please share with your family and friends.


Max Roberts
Incognito Privacy Care