Hi Guys,

I wanted to let you know that a hacking group has started to flood a well known dark web marketplace with databases containing a combined total of over 80 million user records from 10 different companies. Here are the names of the companies as well as the approximate amount of user records as well as the sale price:

Company Records Price
Tokopedia 90 million $5,000
Homechef 8 million $2,500
Bhinneka 1.4 million $1,200
Minted 5 million $2,500
Styleshare 6.1 million $2,700
Ggumim 2 million $1,300
Mindful 2 million $1,300
StarTribune 1 million $1,100
ChatBooks 15 million $3,500
Zoosk 30 million $500

If currently have or if you ever had an account with any these companies please to the following straight away:

  • Change your password right away and never use the same password twice (see my article on credential stuffing below)
  • Send an email to them and let them know that you are aware of the breach and ask them to provide you with Identity protection and credit Monitoring services.

Please let me know if you need any further information in relation to this.


Max Roberts,
Incognito Privacy Care